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Audioplug - X-Posed
release date: 29.04.04 | CD0107



'X-Posed'' is a full-on unique batch of techno-powered EBM tracks - aimed squarely at the 21st century dancefloor ! A perfect balance of powerful rhythms and soaring synthetic melodies mixed with techno beats, trancey arpeggios, rousing lead lines and challenging lyrics. Audioplug deliver a new shape and sound to techno-based EBM in 2004 - 11 tracks and 55 minutes of strong melodies and distinguished sounds.

All tracks written & produced and mixed by Audioplug
All lyrics by audioplug except for Hyperium Sun based on the homeric hymns for Zeus, Sun and Gaia
Mastered by John Rivers @ Woodbine studio, leamington SPA, UK
Band photos by: Vaggelis Molyviatis
Artwork by Roberto Conforti



01. Im Perilous
02. X-Posed
03. Disorientated
04. United We Stand
05. Daybreak
06. Acidify Me
07. Hyperium Sun
08. Dream Odour
09. Too Late
10. Saturn Rings
11. Audioplague





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