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Axoe - Telegraphic
release date: 19.01.03 | CD0106



'Telegraphic, blends haunting melodies and writhing electro beats to produce evocative and emotional synthpop, with the songs paying due attention to powerful basslines and rhythms, while the lyrics and vocal lines enhance their romantic appeal by being catchy and yet sounding fresh and original. The album brings a very modern approach to music making and stunning new sounds, while sharing some common traits with seminal bands such as Depeche Mode and Mesh. Invigorating and highly charged dancefloor electro-pop for all fans of Camouflage and De/ Vision.

Recorded, produced and engineered by Axoe at Clayton Manor, San Francisco, and Topanga Hideaway, Los Angeles.
Backing vocals on 1,2,3,5,7 and 11 by Fonta Hadley, on 5 by Charlotte Brewster and 12 by Victoria.
Mastered by Da5id Din at Corrosive Audio
Cover design by Curium
Cover photography by Bulter Photography & Curium.
Calling Video by Axoe



01. Telegraphic
02. Fallen
03. Satellites
04. Calling
05. Now's The Time
06. The Well
07. Waiting
08. Luck
09. Cold
10. Your Light Is On
11. One More Day
12. Hold Me
13. Calling (Babymax Remix)
14. Telegraphic (Babymax Remix)
15. Fallen (Curiumlab Remix)
16. Calling (Holou Remix)

17. Calling - Video





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