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Blue birds refuse to fly - Anapteroma
release date: 10.11.04 | CD0108



After their acclaimed first album "Blue Birds Refuse to Fly" join now Decadance Rec for this new release featuring 13 tracks of a fascinating blend of deliacate atmospheres and electronic depths.

Produced by George Priniotakis and Blue Birds Refuse To Fly
Engineered and mixed by George Priniotaki at Artracks Recording Studios
Music by Kyriakos Poursanides
Mastered by John Rivers @ Woodbine studio, leamington SPA, UK
Artwork by Roberto Conforti



01. Overture
02. House Of Sex
03. Lacrima Di Balena II° - The Revenge
04. After Dark
05. Celebration
06. Some Roads Can Take You Every Where
07. Play With Me
08. Quasi Stellar II° - Give Me Wings
09. As I Fall
10. The End
11. Love Like Prison
12. Strange Little Girl
13. Anapteroma





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