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Blue birds refuse to fly - Xenomorph Angel
release date: 30.09.07 | CD0118



With a fresh charming appearance in the face of their new frontwoman - lead vocalist Eva K., the new Blue Birds Refuse To Fly are no longer Kyriakos P.'s (keyboards, programming) personal project as it used to be. Along with the band's producer George P. (keyboards, guitars), the band is now more flexible, experienced and powerful than ever before.
The new album "Xenomorph Angel" (translated as "Alien Angel") is full of spacewaves, glances at the moon, hitch-hyking to the stars, rides towards the ends of the universe... and back. Although seduced by the alien-xenomorph angel's touch, the album has an earthly individuality after all.
The characteristic elements that defined BBRTF's sound all these years are present here as well: lyricism, melody, mystery and sensuality...

All songs produced, arranged and performed by Blue Birds Refuse To Fly
Music by Blue Birds Refuse To Fly Words by Eva K. except Oxygenwords by Geor.P.
Engineered and mixed by George Priniotakis at Artracks Recording Studios Mastered by Brian Hazard / Resonance Mastering
Band photos by Manolis Tsafos under the creative direction of Theo Manetas / Mysterious Art Artwork by Davyd Pittman



01 Crashed
02 Morning star
03 Xenomorph Angel
04 Burning
05 Want you there for me
06 Oxygen
07 Lovewar
08 Das maerchen
09 Monographic
10 Reisen
11 H.E.A.T.
12 Elegy





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