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Decadance Compilation Vol.1
release date: 10.02.01 | CD0103



Unlike many samplers Decadance Vol 1 is a compilation that gathers some of the best exponents of the underground electro scene and offers EXCLUSIVE and RARE tracks by all involved ! Includes Pulcher Femina
( an amazing exclusive song ! ), Evil's Toy, Yavin4, Kebabtr„ume, Pleasure and Pain, Davantage, Grendel, BlackSun, Nexus, Ding an Sich, Ashram, Miriam, Womb, Artica and Militia Christi. 15 tracks and 68 minutes of exclusive gothic & electro!

Artwork by roberto conforti


01. Pulcher Femina Burn My Chains
02. Evil's Toy Under The White Waves
03. Yavin 4 Yavin's Orbit
04. Kebabtraume Apathy
05. Pleasure And Pain A Voice
06. Davantage Evening Black
07. Grendel Grendel
08. Blacksun Vortex
09. Nexus Walking On Thin Ice
10. Ding An Sich Fun (111 Mix)
11. Ashram Entry Into The Ashram
12. Miriam Scents
13. Womb One Real Kiss
14. Artica Fade Away
15. Militia Christi Annus Domini




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