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Latexxx Teens - Death Club Entertainment
release date: 31.10.08 | CD0120



After "Moloko & Ultra-Violence" LXT came back with a lethal dose of hate. "Death Club Entertainment", the first LXT full lenght, is a mix of pop, electro beats, wall of guitars, rock attitude and metal violence...

"Death Club Entertainment" is the right soundtrack for this grave new world!

LXT doesn't come in peace!

Death Club Entertainment has been produced & arranged by Victor Love (Dope Stars inc.) and LXT
Recorded at Ghostrack Studio, Rome Italy
Mastered by Brian Hazard of Resonance Mastering / Color Theory, USA
All songs written and composed by LXT except for “Millennium" by Killing Joke
Graphic design by Daniel Rolli



01 Also sprach Zarathustra
02 (p)Resident Evil
03 Hey God
04 Maschine Zeit V 2.008
05 Long Way To Ruin ( feat. Victor Love )
06 L.S.D.
07 Natural Born Chaos
08 Filth & Fury
09 Against
10 Millennium (Killing Joke)
11 W.A.R.
12 Stardust





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