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Miriam - Scents
release date: 10.02.01 | CD0104



"Scents" is the first official release by this very talented Italian act spanning across ethereal, dark and new-wave atmospheres, adding a blend of originality with outstanding female vocals. Mellow and delicate electronica mixed with acoustic instruments to shape fresh and new atmospheres. 10 tracks + 1 video track.

Produced by Miriam
Recorded and mixed at New Sound Revolution Studios, Rome
Mastered at Lead Studios Rome.
All tracks composed by Carlo Bucciarelli except
tracks #2, 3 by Massimo Bandiera; Track #1 by Carlo Bucciarelli and Massimo Bandiera;
All lyrics by Daniela Bruno; Sax on track #4 by Alfonso Bonanni.
Artwork by Roberto Conforti



01. Scents
02. Evidence
03. Always In Danger
04. Space White Stones
05. Daphne
06. Lies
07. Unkind
08. Alive
09. The Minutes Tale
10. Im Nebel
11. Scents (Video)





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