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Nadia Sohaei - Talking to myself
release date: 15.10.08 | CD0119



"No rush for success, while I find my way"… Coming from the Splendor of the Classic Era of Synthesizer Music (Trans- X) her first solo project "Talking to myself" is an electronic expression with a cyber heart beat. Motion with Emotion, Romantically Free. Deep SynthPop in a Minimal Electro Wave.... All together with the deep personal voice of Nadia Sohaei, make her music unique.

Produced by Nadia Sohaei
Recorded and mixed in Barcelona and at Studio 51, Schlangen, Germany.
Mastered by Brian Hazard of Resonance Mastering/Color Theory, USA
Photos by Franchesc Vilallonga & Nadia Sohaei
Artwork by Nadia Sohaei



01 Dragonfly
02 New Rome
03 Callas never dies
04 Victoria starship
05 Talking to myself
06 19 : th Century
07 Cyber heart
08 Strong
09 West coast love
10 In your eyes
11 Callas never dies (Dark session)





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