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Pulcher Femina - Fallen Angel
release date: 10.11.00 | CD0100



One of the most surprising and convincing discoveries in Industrial to come out from Italy for a long time. Don't get misguided by the innocent album title 'Fallen Angel' - this 12 track album is a fine mixture between typical VNV Nation beats, the clean electronics of Apoptygma Berzerk with a slight influence from the distortion and aggression of :Wumpscut:. Around 60% of the tracks have an absolute Club potential, which makes this one of the greatest new debuts in this genre of past months and a promising start for the career of this band.

Music by Roberto Conforti
All lyrics by Consuelo Cerichelli except tracks 4, 8 ,12 written by roberto Conforti
Recorded and mixed at New Sound Revolution Studios, Rome - Summer 99
Artwork by Roberto Conforti



01. Fallen Angel
02. Burn My Chains
03. Scream & Die
04. Sad Angel
05. Death
06. Breath
07. Subversion
08. Darkest Hours
09. Silence
10. I Wait For You
11. Nosferatu
12. Impossible Love





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