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Pulcher Femina - Shadows of The Lovers
release date: 07.07.02 | CD0102



"Shadows of the Lovers" is the second brilliant album from PULCHER FEMINA - utilising an electro and future synth-pop style they could be described as the Italian VNV NATION. PF produce music full of passion aimed squarely at the dancefloor with pulsanting rhythms and dark-electro pop melodies. Combine these elements with brilliant and clear production and ''Shadow of the Lovers''' is a near perfect mixture of rousing electro-pop and harder edged dancefloor anthems.

Produced by Volker Lutz and Pulcher Femina
Music & Lyrics by Roberto Conforti except lyrics on tracks 4, 12 by Consuelo Cerichelli
Recorded and mixed at Sonicstage Studios, Witten, Germany
except tracks #4, 7, 8, 11 mixed at Lead Studios, Rome, Italy
Female voice on tracks #4, 7, 8 recorded and mixed at Lead Studios, Rome
Female vocals on tracks #4, 7, 8, 11
by Daniela Bruno
Female voice on track #11 recorded at New Sound Revolution Studios, Rome
Artwork & Layout by Roberto Conforti



01. Dark Clouds
02. Everywhere Was Cold
03. Light Of My Eyes
04. Take Me
05. Nice Day
06. Autumn Wind
07. Unreal
08. The End
09. Dust
10. Obsession
11. Lost Forever
12. Scream & Die





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