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Pulcher Femina - Darkness Prevails
release date: 22.01.10 | CD0123




After a long period of silence, Pulcher Femina returns with Darkness Prevails. Featuring 13 new tracks created and performed in Roberto Conforti’s unmistakable and unique sound, it will certainly be hailed as his greatest work to date.

Regarding Darkness Prevails, Conforti says, "Often, this is how I perceive the world around me. In the absence of light, darkness prevails. An age isn't called 'dark' because the light fails to shine, it's because people refuse to see it. But beneath the anger, there's the sorrow, and beneath the sorrow, there's love. In these songs, you may find words of anger, of sorrow, and of love. It depends on how much light you are missing.” “My intention with Darkness Prevails is to give you food for your 'inside' when it's needed."

Produced by Pulcher Femina
Music & Lyrics by Roberto Conforti
Recorded at Ghostrack Studios, Rome, Italy
Mixed in Athens by George Priniotakis at Artracks Recording Studios
Mastered in Germany by Tim Schuldt @ 4cn-studios
Graphic Design by Daniel Rolli.



01. Light Deprivation
02. Deepest Sins
03. Bio-illogical Progress
04. Tragic Heroes
05. Last Time
06. Grim Surroundings
07. Broken Hearted
08. Holy War
09. To Fight: To Find
10. Love You To Death
11. From Here To Infinity
12. Out Of Control
13. Face The Fear





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