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Ran - Ran
release date: 30.09.06 | CD0113



RAN is the name of a brand-new and innovative project that blends together a woman’s voice, the Witch’s voice, the Fairy’s voice and synthetic sounds, violent noises, soft noises. It is like the sound of ice slowly melting by a warm brook with a feeble voice. Or the exasperated power of an angry voice that freezes a tepid violin. All of these have been put together into the new forthcoming RAN’s release: 10 new and previously unheard songs, that span across ethereal and trip-hop styles, are all included within the new album “Ran”, along with a special video track. A new release that will definitely sign a long step ahead in the contemporary ethereal music landscape.

Produced and mixed by RAN
Mastered by John Rivers at Woodbine Street Studios Leamington SPA - UK
Recorded at E.S.P. studio - 2006 recording assistant: Edoardo Saint Pierre
Cover design by Giorgio Ricci and Vincenzi Enrico
All songs written and composed by Ran for “The great below" written
by Trent Reznor



01. Wonder
02. Anatomy
03. Collyrium
04. Kaliyuga
05. Foggy
06. See saw
07. Oxygen
08. The great below (Trent Reznor)
09. Call
10. Splinters
11. Wonder (video track)





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