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Re/Move - Uppercut
release date: 30.09.06 | CD0115



"Uppercut" is Re/Move's first strike to the world of "alternative electronic music" - modern and powerful synths, hard and ever-changing beats, plus the strength of electric guitars form the unique music of this Spanish band: it's the next step in EBM! Melodic and harsh; hard and complex.Their debut album reflects their already proven experience onstage and it's a declaration of their intentions: Remove any idea you had about EBM, this is the Future!

All music by: Re/Move ( M. Péerez, C. Arroyo, J. Áalvarez )
Lyrics by: J. Áalvarez
Additional Voices By: Laura Rodriguez And Ana Acosta Violin’s On “A Whey” By: Juan Tamariz
Produced By: Carlos Ramos And Re/Move
Mastered By: Alvaro J. Calero At Estudios Tortuga
Artwork By: Are Age/ 555 Design



01. Uppercut (Intro)
02. I'm Over Again
03. We Are The Message
04. A Whey
05. Not In My Name
06. Are We Here
07. Understand
08. Hot Skins
09. A Sweet Lie
10. A Perfect Place
11. Impressing Me
12. I'll Believe





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