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Siva Six - Black Will
release date: 06.11.06 | CD0116
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THE RETURN! After their amazing debut ‘Rise New Flesh’, that brought them comparisons with Hocico and similar acts and that has turned out into one of the best releases on Decadance EVER, the industrial/EBM duo returns with an even stronger, second album on Decadance! ‘Apocalyptic…fetish infected…obscure...and perverted…’ these are the only terms that can fit with the band’s unique music and aesthetic world! The new 13-tracks album ‘Black Will’ stands out in it’s brillant production of floor-shaking Industrial, EBM and power electro where Z (vox) and N (keyboards) draw futuristic and claustrophobic soundscapes. 8 months of hard work in the studio…13 songs and 63 minutes of pure dark-EBM-industrial with harsh vocals…Enjoy the ride!

Music and lyrics by Siva Six
Produced and mixed by Dimitri .N. Douvras.
Orchestral arrangements by Chris Antoniou
Mastered by John Rivers ( Sopor Aeternus, Dead Can Dance etc ).
Artwork by Seth Siro Anton.



01. See the six
02. Heart of the master
03. Now it's dark
04. Opponent
05. The seal
06. Mister
07. Dark night of the soul
08. Her eyes black
09. Line in....line down
10. Pig
11. Erevos
12. Deep black will
13. Dawn revelation





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