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Siva Six - Rise New Flesh, Flesh and Will Resurrected
release date: 28.11.08 | CD0122
PRICE EUR 15,00 (2CD)



Finally ready the new Siva Six double CD allbum.
The release includes re-release of band's debut album "Rise new flesh"+ a great remix-album.
Remixes from both Siva Six albums “Rise new flesh“ + “Black will “
This a "must have" package for everyone into Siva Six or those who did not discover them yet!

Produced and mixed by Dimitri N. Douvras.
Original artwork by Seth Siro Anton & rearranged by Daniel Rolli
Orchestral arrangements by Chris Antoniou
Mastered by John Rivers x (Rise New Flesh) & X-FUSION x (remixes CD)
Music and lyrics by Siva Six


CD1  "Rise New Flesh"
01. Fire Walks With Me
02. Streetcleaner
03. In Extremis
04. Another Dead World
05. 120 Days (In Slavery)
06. Awayk
07. Nihil Before Me
08. Deep Black Well
09. Nexus 6
10. Become Untrue
Tracklist CD2  "remixes"
01 See the Six [remixed by Victor Love - Dope Stars inc.]
02 Deep Black Will [remixed by Noisuf-X]
03 Fire Walks with Me [remixed by Dark Soho]
04 Mister [remixed by Dyspraxia]
05 You See the Six [remixed by Soman]
06 Her Eyes Black [remixed by Aes Dana]
07 Opponent [remixed by Blood]
08 Her Eyes Black [remixed by Mono No Aware]
09 120 Days (in slavery) [remixed by Niadoka]
10 Now is dark [remixed by Kami Plastik - Latexxx Teens]
11 Streetcleaner [remixed by XP8]
12 Nexus 6 [remixed by Diabolic Art]
13 See the Six [remixed by Vigilante]
14 Line In Line Down [remixed by Despair]
15 Pig [remixed by Alien Vampires]



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