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This Void Inside - Dust
release date: 15.10.08 | CD0124



“In the shiny essence of darkness I’ll drink from your tears the sweet wine of loneliness”.

Twelve tracks describing the existential sickness , the void of an useless and senseless life, the overwhelming and abiding lack of hopes and illusions of a broken heart .

Dave Shadow and his new band will carry you through the mud and the fog of a doleful path; a passage to a remote place where any salvation is denied.

Produced, mixed and mastered by Dave Shadow @ Dark Dave Studios
Cover and label concept by Enrico Caputo @ WhereCloudSpart Studios
Booklet and inlay card design by Alessandro Tosi @ Speedy Pins



01. Terminal Dream
02. Dust
03. Send Me A Sign
04. Thru My Emotions
05. Time Will Tell
06. Circle Of Blood
07. My Time Has Come
08. Wish
09. Never Mind
10. A Dying Flame
11. The Perception Of Light
12. A Sense For This World





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