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Grudge Connection
digital album
Animachine is Grudge Connection's debut album, an italian band with influences from industrial, electronic and death metal.

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Pavla Mikulasova
digital single
Decadance Records, following the album "Mirror", presents "Respirare", the new
song in exclusive digital download by Pavla Mikulasova. An atmosphere of dreams and magical lyrics mingled in an ancient realm, which looks to a future when we will leave our planet to go in serach of new worlds.

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Pavla Mikulasova
Mirror is composed of 12 tracks, all music & lyrics written by Pavla Mikulasova.
The album also includes some really special featurings: with Pulcher Femina's voice, giving a touch of decadent romanticism in “Overdose”, and with the amazing actress Nastassja Kinski in “The Magic Mirror”.

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Pavla Mikulasova
digital single
”Timeless” is the single-teaser for alternative singer/songwriter and pianist Pavla Mikulasova's forthcoming debut album “Mirror” which is scheduled for fall 2011.


This Void Inside
Twelve tracks describing the existential sickness , the void of an useless and senseless life, the overwhelming and abiding lack of hopes and illusions of a broken heart .
Dave Shadow and his new band will carry you through the mud and the fog of a doleful path; a passage to a remote place where any salvation is denied.


Pulcher Femina
Darkess prevails
After a long period of silence, Pulcher Femina returns with Darkness Prevails. Featuring 13 new tracks created and performed in Roberto Conforti’s unmistakable and unique sound, it will certainly be hailed as his greatest work to date
CD122 Siva Six
Rise new flesh, flesh and will resurrected
This release includes re-release of band's debut album "Rise new flesh"+ a great remix-album.
Remixes from both Siva Six albums “Rise new flesh“ + “Black will “. This a "must have" package for everyone into Siva Six or those who did not discover them yet!


Anima Virus
End of the eden
Distant light years from the "soap's beads" that the darkbiz daily offers, the melodies and the musical solutions of "End of the Eden" represent the perfect equilibrium among class, melody and impact to the state of the art.


Latexxx Teens
Death club entertainment
After "Moloko & Ultra-Violence" LXT came back with a lethal dose of hate. "Death Club Entertainment", the first LXT full lenght, is a mix of pop, electro beats, wall of guitars, rock attitude and metal violence...


Nadia Sohaei
Talking to myself
No rush for success, while I find my way"… Coming from the Splendor of the Classic Era of Synthesizer Music (Trans- X) her first solo project "Talking to myself" is an electronic expression with a cyber heart beat.
CD118 Blue Birds Refuse To Fly
Xenomorph angel
With a fresh charming appearance in the face of their new frontwoman - lead vocalist Eva K., the new Blue Birds Refuse To Fly are no longer Kyriakos P.'s (keyboards, programming) personal project as it used to be. Along with the band's producer George P. (keyboards, guitars), the band is now more flexible, experienced and powerful than ever before.
CD116 Siva Six
Black will
sold out
THE RETURN! After their amazing debut ‘Rise New Flesh’, that brought them comparisons with Hocico and similar acts and that has turned out into one of the best releases on Decadance EVER, the industrial/EBM duo returns with an even stronger, second album on Decadance!
CD115 Re/Move
"Uppercut" is Re/Move's first strike to the world of "alternative electronic music" - modern and powerful synths, hard and ever-changing beats, plus the strength of electric guitars form the unique music of this Spanish band: it's the next step in EBM!
CD114 Miriam
When beauty is invisible
There are very few words that may effectively describe the new melodic shades that this Italian trio reached with its new release “When Beauty Is Invisible”: mesmerizing, visionary, deep …


RAN is the name of a brand-new and innovative project that blends together a woman’s voice, the Witch’s voice, the Fairy’s voice and synthetic sounds, violent noises, soft noises. It is like the sound of ice slowly melting by a warm brook with a feeble voice.


Plastic Terror
"Plastic Terror" is the third album from this Roman act and it delivers a perfect blend of dark, sumptuous metallic Goth Rock where walls of searing guitars meet keyboard waves and deep, meaningfull vocals. A must for all fans of the genre.
CD111 Com.Pulsion
The debut album from Spanish electro act Com.Pulsion, ''Machines'' delivers 11 tracks and nearly 60 minutes of mixed-up electronic soundscapes with indie influences and alternative-rock attitude.


Siva Six
Rise new flesh
sold out
"Rise New Flesh" is a brillant and faultless production, combining floor-shaking Industrial, with dancefloor EBM and power electro where Z ( vox ) and N ( keyboards ) draw futuristic and claustrophobic soundscapes. Definitely a band to watch, and for those who like the harsher sounds of Hocico and Suicide Commando.


Last man standing
Fr/action's new album, ''Last Man Standing'', is the eagerly anticipated sequel to the 2002 debut, ''Crimes of the Future''. ''Last Man Standing'' presents the ultra-polished perfection of Fr/action's signature style with its sublime combination of electro, EBM, and synthpop !
CD108 Blue Birds Refuse To Fly
After their acclaimed first album "Blue Birds Refuse to Fly" join now Decadance Records for this new release featuring 13 tracks of a fascinating blend of deliacate atmospheres and electronic depths.
CD107 Audioplug
A perfect balance of powerful rhythms and soaring synthetic melodies mixed with techno beats, trancey arpeggios, rousing lead lines and challenging lyrics.


The album brings a very modern approach to music making and stunning new sounds, while sharing some common traits with seminal bands such as Depeche Mode and Mesh.


Ombra e Luce
sold out
Italian band Artica belt out a brand of well produced Gothic rock. This fully remastered album features completely new artwork plus 1 additional, unreleased bonus track. Considered by many as a milestone in Gothic-Rock history!
CD104 Miriam
"Scents" is the first official release by this very talented Italian act spanning across ethereal, dark and new-wave atmospheres, adding a blend of originality with outstanding female vocals.
Decadance Compilation Vol.1
Includes Pulcher Femina, Evil's Toy, Yavin4, Kebabträume, Pleasure and Pain, Davantage, Grendel, BlackSun, Nexus, Ding an Sich, Ashram, Miriam, Womb, Artica and Militia Christi. 15 tracks and 68 minutes of exclusive gothic & electro!


Pulcher Femina
Shadows of the lovers
"Shadows of the Lovers" is the second brilliant album from PULCHER FEMINA - utilising an electro and future synth-pop style they could be described as the Italian VNV NATION.


Militia Christi
Ordo Militia Templi
Esoteric and evangelical sound manipulations combining with religious imagery to produce an album of obscure musical referances. Dark ambient soundscapes mixed with medieval elements.


Pulcher Femina
Fallen angel
Don't get misguided by the innocent album title 'Fallen Angel' - this 12 track album is a fine mixture between typical VNV Nation beats, the clean electronics of Apoptygma Berzerk with a slight influence from the distortion and aggression of :Wumpscut:.
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