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Grudge Connection is an Italian industrial death metal band from Rome formed in 2010 by Dave, Ilya and Saya. Afterwards Aki, Tony Six and Septic joined the band.
Initially inspired by EBM, Black, Industrial and Death metal bands, GC gradually combined their sound with electronic and Deathcore influences.

In 2014, Grudge connection signs with Decadance Records.

 "Animachine", the first album (coming soon!) consists of 12 tracks, including 3 remixes, The album has been recorded at the Ghostrack Studio in Rome and mixed by George Priniotakis from Artracks Recording Studios in Athens.
On July 9th, 2014 the band's first official video "Face My Grudge" is released; produced by Capture: directed, edited and post-produced by IDIO.

Dave Grudge: Vocals
Ilya Vox: Vocals
Saya Haze: Keyboards
Aki: Bass
Tony Six: Guitar
Septic: Drums



  New Releases

Grudge Connection
out january 20th
  New Releases
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