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Pulcher Femina

Roberto Conforti: Vocals + music

Pulcher Femina was created in 1997 by Roberto Conforti. During the same year Anna Cerichelli's voice joined and a duo was formed.
Their first demo entitled Pulcher Femina got them signed to Decadance Records that produced the first official CD Fallen Angel,
this album included re-mastered material from the first demo plus four previously unreleased tracks.
In spring 2001 Anna Cerichelli decided to leave the band so all music and lyrics for the second album of the band, “Shadows of the Lovers”, were written by Roberto.
This work was then recorded & arranged in the following August in Witten (Germany) at Sonicstage Recordings Studios in Germany by Volker Lutz (Evil's Toy-T.O.Y.).
The latter is, together with Roberto, the producer of the new record and remixes of a track Scream & Die.
Thanks to a great album “feedback” the band plays in many countries around Europe like Belgium, Slovenia, Italy, Greece, Portugal also supporting famous bands like “Clan Of Xymox” and others..
“Shadows Of The Lovers” also appears in many music charts around the world, most important it appears in DAC (detusche alternative charts) where it was present for 4 weeks with best position 6
Between 2000 and 2007 the band appears in compilations like:
The Inquiete Grave 2000 (Cleopatra), Decadance Compilation Vol.1 (Decadance), Electronic Dreams (Modern entertainment), State Of Synthpop (A Different Drum) and many others..
PF also remixed a Spiritual Front’s “No No Kisses on the Mouth” track and it has been included in a
Vinyl, 7", Limited Edition with the same remixed title.
2009 After a long period of silence, Pulcher Femina returns with Darkness Prevails.
Featuring 13 new tracks created and performed in Roberto Conforti’s unmistakable and unique sound, it will certainly be hailed as his greatest work to date.
The album has been released by Decadance Records on 22.01.10




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